President's Balls

The President's Balls is awarded to the best player over the year. See 'Rules' page for details. 

2017 ?
2016 Peter Hr
2015 Andrew G
2014 Steve I
2013 Trevor P
2012 Ken C
2011 Neil W
2010 Tom S
2009 Neil W
2008 Alastair C
2007 Kevin D
2006 Dave H
2005 Richard Br
2004 Ken C
2003 Ken C
2001 Alan W
2000 Andrew Gf

Matchplay Champion

Held throughout the year. See 'Matchplay' page for details.

2017 ?
2016 Malcolm G
2015 Malcolm G
2014 Dave H
2013 Trevor P
2012 Dave H
2011 Richard Br
2010 Martin H
2009 Clarke H
2008 Alastair C
2007 Ken C
2006 Bill S

Club Champion

The Captain's Cup - best nett score on Captain's Day.

The Scratch Champion Trophy - best gross score on Captain's Day.

2017 Martin B Malcolm G
2016 Rob H Michael K
2015 Das C Steve I
2014 Terry H Ash C
2013 Clare B  
2012 Terry H  
2011 John C  
2010 Ian T  
2009 Martin H  
2008 Kevin D  
2007 Ken C  
2006 Stewart F  
2005 David A  
2004 Michael O  
2003 Trevor P  

Tour Winners

The Devon Tour Bowl - winner of the Spring tour (2017 Torquay)

The Spey Bey Trophy - winner of the overseas tour (2017 Not held)

The Autumn Trophy - winner of the Autumn tour (2017 Bournemouth)

Bessie's Bowl - combined winner of all tours

  Spring Summer Bessie's Bowl Overseas Autumn
2017 David L (Torquay) Martin B (Old Thorns) x x Michael OBK (Bournemouth)
2016 Celio L (Torquay)  Peter Hd (Sandford) x Steve I (Ireland) Celio L (Bournemouth)
2015 David L Celio L (Oxfordshire) x x Andrew G
2014 Richard Br John S (Wales) Celio L x Steve I
2013 Peter Hr  Celio L  Celio L Ken C Takashi S 
2012 Weng C  Ken C Ken C Adrian T David H 
2011 Richard Br  Martin B  Martin B James L Martin B 
2010 x x Eddie M Neil W Martin W 
2009 Eddie M Neil W David H Neil W 
2008 Percy S  Ken C Adrian T Neil W 
2007 Gary L  Gary L Ken C Nick H 
2006 Martin H Takashi S Bill S 
2005 Gary L Ken C Martin Hr 
2004 Ju Y Michael T Andrew Gf
2003 x Ken C Martin Hr
2002 x Takashi S Andrew Gf
2001 x David H Andrew Gf
2000 x Alan W Mark B
1999 x Martin H Takashi S
1998 x x x x Andrew Gf

Founder's Cup

The Founder's Cup is an annual matchplay tournament between teams led by the President and Captain. It is played for during the Autumn tour.

Current score is President 6 1/2, Captain 11 1/2.

2017 Captain (Peter)
2016 Captain (Steve) 
2015 Captain (Steve)
2014 President (Dave)
2013 President (Dave)
2012 President
2011 Captain
2010 Captain
2009 Captain
2008 President
2007 Captain
2006 Captain
2005 President
2004 Captain
2003 Captain
2002 President
2001 Halved
2000 Captain

Holes in One

2011 Teignmouth, 2nd Hole Neil W
2011 Aldwickbury Park, 14th Hole Tom S
2006 Brampton Park, 15th Hole Dave H
2005 Stockley Park, 8th Hole Michelle W
2002 Hendon, 9th Hole Ian T
2000 Parkstone, 18th Hole Andrew B